The energy that binds

It started simply enough – I escorted our girlfriend Princess to the couch. Underneath my simple black button-up dress I wore matching black panties, bra, garter belts, and stockings. Dr. Payne had already told me how sexy I looked, and the raised eyebrow and smile from my girlfriend were all I needed to know that she felt the same way. I am energized and aroused by the knowledge that my partners find me as attractive as I feel in sexy lingerie.       

Nights for all three of us to be together can be difficult to schedule. This sometimes makes me feel anxious that there is a level of expectation for the evening that I cannot meet. All the same, the start of the evening was charged with eager anticipation. It had been a few weeks since we’d had the opportunity to share the sexual energy of all three of us together.

Just sitting close to either Dr. Payne or Princess excites me, thrills me. With the three of us together on the couch, fondling mixed with a little dirty talk created an intense passion that you could feel in the air.

“I love to watch the two of you fuck!” I said. Dr. Payne smiled and raised an eyebrow at me. Princess blushed. I sometimes find it interesting to be with someone who is outwardly shyer than I, yet inwardly far more sexual!

Dr. Payne smiled. “Really? Let’s see how much you love it,” He said, leading us to the bedroom. The sexual energy that happens when three people who deeply care about each other are in the same room is amazing. I took off my dress, but everything else remained. Stockings and garters always make me feel sexy. Dr. Payne instructed me to kneel. He slowly draped cold chain over me and around my hot body. Then He moved Princess in front of me, gave her one end of the chain, and instructed her to carefully wrap it around my neck. She tugged on it, not so hard as to hurt, but enough for me to feel it and know that I was not in control.

My pussy was sopping, and my panties were getting soaked. Dr. Payne looked over Princess’ shoulder into my eyes, as if He were holding the chain. This energy, this sexual connection that is about more than just sex is difficult to explain or put into words, but just thinking about it has me feeling sensual, hot.

In these moments with the three of us, it is my pleasure to do things to Princess that Dr. Payne instructs me to do. It is the pleasure of service mixed with my attraction to her. I eagerly helped her get comfortable by removing her dress and getting us both onto the bed.

A wicked grin crossed Dr. Payne’s face. “Lick her ass!” Oh, the immediate thrill. This is an act He knows I have enjoyed doing for Him and that I was thrilled at even the idea of doing to Princess. How sweet this was, any sexual gratification I give Princess is exciting, but I am especially fond of the new experiences. It does not hurt that the sounds she makes when she is sexually aroused are amazing.

After a few moments of this I was eager to get to her pussy. I licked every enjoyable fold of Princess’ perfectly shaved girly bit. Her taste is so very luscious and intoxicating; I adore the sounds and the simple act of making her moan as much as I love her taste.

Then it was her turn to eat my pussy. Princess is amazingly in tune with how to make me squirm for her. Dr. Payne licked my nipples. My nipples are amazingly sensitive, and I can orgasm from having them licked alone, so having my pussy and nipples ravaged at the same time was like no other sensation I had experienced before. My orgasm felt like electricity was surging in arcs throughout the room. I squirted in Princess’ mouth; this makes her giggle, which in turn does amazing things to the orgasm. The puddle I left was substantial.

Time became a blur after these moments of intense orgasm. I remember tongues and squirting pussy juice, both mine and Princess’. I can recall the sensation of Dr. Payne lightly biting my nipple and the tingly feeling that goes down my body when He does this. I remember my girlfriend and I worshipping Dr. Payne’s cock – licking, sucking, and caressing.

I have an image in my head of Dr. Payne biting Princess’ inner thigh and the look of bliss on her face. I also remember Him biting my butt, and the bruise that later formed. The act of being bitten is something I enjoy as an afterthought, but not necessarily in the moment.

The final catalyst for shared orgasmic bliss was when I sat on Princess’ face while she ate me out and Dr. Payne fucked her. This shared intense moment with both of my partners is always so wonderfully sensual. I love these moments of perfect symmetry.

In the end we simply laid in the drenched sheets, all smiling at each other. I felt as sexy completely naked and sated as I did when the evening began. The simple pleasure of each other’s company in this post-orgasmic haze was enough to lull us to sleep.

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I am a submissive. I am bisexual. I am part of a Poly triad. I am involved ina 24/7 D/s relationship with my husband Dr. Payne.

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