The Kitchen Scene

He took my hand and led me around the kitchen island. No words were necessary, I knew I was to stand where I was placed. He pulled up my dress. Dr. Payne girls don’t wear pants at home.

I felt the sweetest sensation as my panties were slid off. Anyone could have caught a glimpse of my bare ass and our activities through the uncovered windows, but I didn’t care. We were home alone, and my Dominants gestures suggested this would be more than a simple fun spanking.

I leaned on the kitchen island, subspace was coming, and we both needed the headspace. I stood there obediently and felt his hands caress my ass, my thighs, my pussy. I heard the freezer door open. I did not say anything. The freezer meant cold, cold is my kink. Would it be a chain or perhaps a knife?

It did not matter, soon the feeling of cold was filling my pussy, and tapping gingerly at my ass. I was gone, enveloped by the delightful feeling of subspace.

At this point it becomes an amazing dream, only vaguely remembered. Cloudy recollections of a numb pussy, and multiple orgasms. I heard something solid placed on the counter. I did not look. It would break the spell.

It was not over. Dr. Payne fucked me right there in the open kitchen.

I am collared I am owned I am his.

I clung to the counter. I dare not let go, my legs were no longer capable of holding me up.

I was held at the end in my Dominants perfectly protecting arms. Once my head cleared, I looked at my new gifts sitting on the kitchen counter.

Future play spins in my head as I look at two glorious glass dildos.

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Kitten Payne

I am a submissive. I am bisexual. I am part of a Poly triad. I am involved ina 24/7 D/s relationship with my husband Dr. Payne.

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