The Sounds

The dungeon was noisy.  I was impatient while Sir took me to the spot where He would publicly turn my body to mush, and my chaotic mind to quiet. I am calmer when I play in private, but my Sir decided I needed a public scene.

“Sit.” It was a calm instruction, almost a request, but I knew it was a command. I sat where He pointed. Sir walked behind me and placed a blindfold over my eyes.  “Put your hands in your lap, and do not move them. ”

Restraining my hands would not be necessary. I am a good girl. I would not move unless instructed.

“Feel the energy in the room, Kitten.” I took a deep breath and let myself feel what was going on. I tried to place the sounds I heard but hadn’t previously noticed.

“Where is the most energy coming from?” I pointed to a far corner. As this was said I heard a scream from that corner.

“Tell me what you feel.”

“I feel amazing joy. She feels bliss.” My pussy became wet. My body wanted that bliss.

“Just listen,” He said.  I listened, I waited. Time passes differently when you’re blindfolded. The anticipation is part of the kink. Sir likes the mind-fuck. I wasn’t even certain He was standing beside me anymore, but I waited, because I trust Sir.

Suddenly, He took my hands. “Come here.” He walked me to a different corner. “Stand here, don’t move.”

My hands were raised above my head and restrained: chain. I gasped as a length of cold chain fell across my neck. My clothes were slowly and carefully removed.

Would there be more cold chain?

Would he flog me?

What toy would he use on me? That is part of my kink: not knowing exactly what is coming, recognizing that I will enjoy whatever He has in store.

Cold chain wrapped around my ankles and they were pulled apart, allowing access to my already wet pussy.

“What shall I do to you? Maybe I should leave you here.”

“Please no, Sir.”

“Then what should I do to you?”

“Whatever you choose, Sir.”

“What if I chose to leave you here all night?”

My only response was a whimper.

His breath trailed down my body. He licked a nipple, then pinched the other.  His hand reached around and there was the sting of a quick swat on my ass.

As I was processing that bit of pain, he brought his fingers to my wet pussy and next his lips to my clit. His tongue danced around my clit.  My lips were already sensitive and swollen from all the sensations I had been absorbing all night.

All the sounds and energy were gone. My own head created a bubble around the two of us. I couldn’t see, but I could see in my mind. These most intimate insecurities fading away as Sir works his will on my body. It was no longer relevant that I was in public and naked and about to be brought to a glorious orgasm.

As His fingers danced inside me, I knew the chain would be the only thing supporting me.  Again, I didn’t care, all I could do was feel. The in and out of His fingers, the pressure on the sensitive pad that would make me squirt, and that glorious tongue on my clit and outer lips.

The release was quick as the orgasms hit: two, three, four—five! But the end was not quick. This amazing wave would come one upon another. Whenever I am amid many intense orgasms, I am almost afraid they will never stop and I won’t survive.  

Then I began to squirt, and I heard Sir chuckle–he loves when I squirt. This makes him happy to turn me into this limp exhausted wet and sweaty mess.

Some incomprehensible number of minutes and orgasms later, it slowly came to a halt.

Sir wrapped a blanket around me, slowly took me down, and pulled the chains—no longer cold–from ankles and wrists. He gently pulled off the blindfold. Though the dungeon was dimly lit, it suddenly seemed bright.

We lay on the floor, His arms wrapped around me. Slowly the sounds of the dungeon came back. I began to realize what I had done. I had multiple orgasms and had squirted in a public dungeon in front of strangers —I’d never done that before.  Three years ago, I’d never be caught in the same room with these “BDSM freaks.”  Now I was one.

I smiled.

“Thank you, Sir.” I whispered.

“Good girl.” He replied.

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Kitten Payne

I am a submissive. I am bisexual. I am part of a Poly triad. I am involved ina 24/7 D/s relationship with my husband Dr. Payne.

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