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This is my truth, my authentic truth. In my sharing to educate and encourage others to express themselves and openly explore their sexuality without shame. Always exploring my sex-positive self and it’s effects on my mental health: I invite you along for the ride.
If you explore my Kinky home journal, you be the judge; True or made up sexy kink?

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Our Connection – It Matters To Me

I understand sex is hot but when you look closely, there’s so much more. Her scent there’s nothing like it. She is wet and frisky. Not the frisky that might come to mind but her own style. The smile and giggle when I nibble her ear and kiss her neck. The special way her body…

The Mystery of Scents

When we play there can be so many scents involved, we smell our own sweat, pheromones, and fluids, they drive us or deter us. It seems so simple you either like an aroma or you don’t, yet, it’s not that simple. Scents can be as complex as human beings. In an instant, a smell can…

Connecting Through Simple Rituals

Rituals are something that the BDSM community has in common with many cultures, religions, and even athletes. Some rituals are formal and grand, kneeling and crossing oneself for communion. Others are less ceremonious, an athlete crossing himself before a game or always wearing some cherished object. For cultures and religions, they are a fundamental part…

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